ENEOS is the brand name for products created by JX Nippon Oil & Energy, the largest oil company in Japan. For decades, JX has worked with Japan’s automakers to create advanced lubricants ideal for their production goals: increased fuel economy without sacrificing power or protection.

Through this joint research and development, JX’s in-house teams have helped achieve pioneering industry milestones, such as significantly lower viscosity engine oils, by championing high-quality, synthetic base oils combined with proprietary blends of premium additives. The results of our efforts help ensure vehicles have the best possible start right out of the factory. And, we can provide these same, exacting standards to help ensure peak performance for the rest of your car’s life. Our obsession with quality and innovation is more than just a statement. It’s why we’ve been trusted by original equipment manufacturers since the dawn of JDM.


ENEOS products use the advanced technology developed in partnership while creating factory fill fluids for Asian OEMs.

Each product is carefully researched and created by our labs in Japan. We use the highest quality, premium raw materials while blending ENEOS at our plant in Childersburg, Alabama. The finished products are packaged using the highest quality standards available alongside the same bulk lubricants sent to OEM factories.

Our formulations provide the best performance and protection available. Learn more at our website.

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