ENEOS Garage Registration

Whether you are a new or legacy ENEOS dealer, signing up for Garage will provide you with benefits.

If you carry ENEOS, register for Garage by choosing "Join Now" and completing the application.

If you would like to carry ENEOS, please visit our Distributors page to select an ENEOS distributor and order produts. Once you have received ENEOS products you may register here by clicking "Join Now."

Team quality and performance starts here!

The Garage dealer portal (garage.eneos.us) is the access site for the Garage dealer program, a loyalty plus program for ENEOS partners and dealers.

Many resources are available at the Garage portal without additional registration. Joining Garage by creating an account will provide the following added benefits:

  • Be added to our list of authorized ENEOS dealers or distributors
  • Receive news and updates, including exclusive member promotions and offers
  • Update your listing on Where to Buy (add stores or change address)
  • Receive a POP display welcome kit (new members only)

*To be entered into the contest, and to ensure your shop appears as an authorized ENEOS dealer on the Where to Buy page of our website, register by clicking "Join Now" on this page. Your membership is free and can be ended at any time.

Details: GARAGE program

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For questions about our Garage program, contact us.

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Please navigate to garage.eneos.us/distributors to select a distributor, order products, and return here to complete the registration process once the order has been received.

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Valued ENEOS Dealers: ENEOS reserves the right to remove a listing for any reason, for example if information seems inaccurate. If we choose to remove a listing, we will make effort(s) to contact you for potential updates or corrections. You may also contact us with any questions or concerns.