ENEOS Obsession

ENEOS provides R&D and factory fill for Asian automakers in factories around the world. This access provides ENEOS with unreleased vehicle specifications, allowing our organization to develop lubrication formulations that specifically meet (or exceed) vehicle needs. Because of these partnerships, our products are designed to anticipate future requirements beyond current domestic vehicle standards.

We like to say our obsession with quality and innovation is more than just a statement—it’s why we’ve been trusted by OEMs for almost half a century.


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ENEOS OEM R&D Background

ENEOS is the largest oil company in Japan, and as the “original JDM oil” we’ve been working in partnership with Asian automakers for decades. As part of this partnership, ENEOS has in-house testing facilities where we follow strategies developed with each OEM partner to meet their vehicle and performance specifications, particularly for the tighter tolerances of engines that are now being seen more in European and domestic vehicles.

Asian automakers are especially particular about their standards of quality and performance, and our ability to meet those standards has ensured our long-term relationship with these original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Those standards often evolve in Japan and are adopted by other agencies such as the American Petroleum Institute (API) and International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee (ILSAC), in some cases with data from ENEOS engineers.

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