Today’s trend is for vehicles to be lighter, higher performance and more fuel efficient than cars in the past.

This has spurred many changes and innovations among auto manufacturers. One of these notable change is the Dual Pump System created for Honda and Acura’s AWD vehicles.

Their Dual Pump System (DPS) consists of a conventional FWD setup with a transfer case, and the DPS within the rear differential, with the driveshaft connecting the front and rear wheel setup.

Most of the time only the front wheels are powered; it is only when they begin to lose grip that the DPS starts to send power to the rear wheels. During normal traction, the front and rear wheels, and their respective pumps, turn at the same speed. Hydraulic pressure circulates between the two pumps, but no additional pressure is generated. If the front wheels begin to lose traction and start to spin faster than the rear, the two pumps turn at different rates. Hydraulic pressure proportional to the difference in their speed is generated, which then opens a valve body and activates a multi plate clutch.

The clutch connects the front propellor shaft to the rear differential, which feeds the correct amount of torque to the rear wheels to re-establish traction. The more the front wheels slip, the greater the torque fed to the rear wheels.

One advantage of the Honda/Acura DPS is it disengages when braking, allowing the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) to operate. Another is it weighs less than a conventional four wheel drive system which, along with supplying torque on an as-needed basis, contributes to fuel economy. It also requires little maintenance: a periodic fluid change to keep the system running smoothly.


DPS fluid is required on more than 4 million Honda and Acura AWD vehicles, with recommended service intervals of 30K miles. ENEOS provides the only OE replacement fluid available: Import DPS Fluid (3410-300)

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For vehicle compatibility chart, please download the document:
DYK: Honda/Acura DPS [PDF]