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Behind the Rise of 0W-20 Synthetic Oil

As vehicle manufacturers continue to push for greater fuel efficiency and lower emissions, 0W-20 synthetic oil has emerged as the lubricant of choice for many modern engines. Combining an ultra-low viscosity rating with advanced synthetic formulations, oils like ENEOS 0W-20 provide significant performance advantages over conventional higher viscosity oils. Read on to find out info to relay to customers who are curious about low viscosity oils!

Reading the Grade

The “0W” in 0W-20 synthetic oil stands for excellent cold temperature pumpability and flow. This allows the oil to quickly circulate and provide Start-up lubrication even in freezing conditions. The “20” refers to the oil’s viscosity at higher temperatures – still relatively low to reduce friction and drag on the engine’s internal components.


Reduced Friction and Drag

One of the primary benefits of using a low viscosity 0W-20 synthetic oil is reduced friction and mechanical drag within the engine. Because the fluid is thinner and more flowing, it creates less resistance as mechanical parts rotate through it. Less energy is wasted in overcoming this drag, improving fuel economy.

  • The use of 0W-20 over a conventional 5W-30 oil can provide a 0.5-1% increase in miles per gallon. 
  • While this may seem minor, it can translate to meaningful savings over the operating life of the vehicle, reducing both fuel expenses and environmental impact.

Superior Cold Start Protection

In addition to fuel economy gains, 0W-20 synthetic oil markedly improves cold start protection and wear reduction when the engine is started from freezing temperatures. 

  • Upon startup, 0W-20 flows quickly to critical components like bearings, cams, and cylinders. 
  • This instant lubrication minimizes metal-on-metal contact and resulting wear.

Conventional oils become incredibly viscous in the cold, leaving areas of the engine vulnerable until the lubricant warms up. By using a low viscosity synthetic, proper lubrication happens from the very first revolution of the engine. This preserves longevity and can greatly extend engine life.

Advanced Additive Protection

Of course, simply having a low viscosity is not enough to provide robust engine protection.

  • ENEOS enhances our 0W-20 with an advanced additive package tailored for its unique synthetic base oils.
  • Friction modifiers increase lubricity and reduce metal-to-metal contact, while detergents and dispersants prevent deposits from building up on critical surfaces. 
  • Anti-wear additives like ZDDP create a sacrificial layer, giving up molecules to prevent destructive adhesive wear. 
  • Oxidation and thermal breakdown are resisted through antioxidants.

Specialized Viscosity Modifiers

Impressively, ENEOS also utilizes tailored viscosity modifiers to expand the operating range of our 0W-20 oil. 

  • These polymer additives modify the oil’s viscosity characteristics to resist excessive thinning at higher temperatures, a critical requirement for maintaining a protective lubricating film. (This is also why a higher quality oil like ours will prevent oil burnoff at lower viscosity!) 
  • Meanwhile, the select viscosity modifiers still allow the lubricant to remain fluid at low temperatures providing fast cold flow and preventing gelation
  • This balanced formulation prevents both extremes, maximizing protection across all operating conditions.

Less Environmental Impact

An ancillary yet important benefit of 0W-20 motor oil is reduced environmental impact. By improving fuel economy 0.5-1%, ENEOS 0W-20 results in fewer emissions of greenhouse gasses over the operating life of a vehicle. Its synthetic formulation is also more stable and lasts longer than conventional oils, reducing consumption and waste.

With stricter fuel economy and emission standards on the horizon, low viscosity 0W-20 oils will only continue to grow in popularity. And when it comes to 0W-20 motor oils, ENEOS stands out as the premium choice. Our fully synthetic 0W-20 formulation combines: 

  • An ultra-low viscosity with an advanced additive package precisely balanced to deliver maximum protection. 
  • ENEOS specialized viscosity modifiers allow our 0W-20 oil to maintain a protective fluid film at high temperatures, while still providing outstanding cold flow properties. 
  • This ensures comprehensive protection across all operating conditions. 

Vehicle owners looking to truly maximize our engine’s performance, longevity, and minimize environmental impact should make ENEOS 0W-20 their go-to low viscosity motor oil. Its superior formulation reduces friction better than conventional oils, enhances cold start wear protection, and improves fuel mileage. 

For modern engines and the latest emission standards, ENEOS 0W-20 sets the benchmark all other low viscosity oils are measured against.

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