ENEOS Announces Dexos1 Gen 3 Update

As you may know, ENEOS 0W-20 and 5W-30 are fully licensed dexos1 products. GM created the dexos category because they wanted to ensure their customer’s engine oils meet the high standards for their vehicles, and ENEOS has committed to dexos licensing for these products to assure customers they conform.

GM is in the process of rolling out the latest dexos1 standard, Gen 3. We are announcing, as of September 1, 2022, our dexos products are Gen 3 formulated. As a reminder, all dexos1 Gen 3 products are backwards-compatible.

ENEOS 0W-20 and 5W-30 are available in the following packages:


ENEOS 0W-20 dexos 1 Quart 3701-300
  5 Quarts 3701-320
BIB (6 Gallons) 3701-400
55 Gallon Drum 3701-110
ENEOS 5W-30 dexos 1 Quart 3703-300
5 Quarts 3703-320
BIB (6 Gallons) 3703-400
55 Gallon Drum 3703-110
0w-20 5w-30 dexos1 gen3

Please note: all part numbers will stay the same. Updated product will carry the dexos1 Gen 3 logo. As a reminder, all ENEOS products meet API, ILSAC, and Japanese Automotive Standards (JASO). Certain products may meet additional standards requirements.

If you have additional questions about this roll-out, please contact us or your distributor representative.

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