ENEOS CVT Fluid Legacy

Continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) have become increasingly popular due to their ability to provide better fuel efficiency and a smoother driving experience. To keep these advanced transmissions operating at their best, they require specialized CVT fluids that meet stringent performance specifications. This is where ENEOS leverages our relationships providing R&D and factory fill for Japanese automakers to provide cutting-edge fluid technology that meets a majority of CVT specifications.

A History of Innovation

ENEOS has been at the forefront of CVT fluid development since 2005 when we developed and provided factory fill for Japanese automakers. Our journey began through joint research and development efforts with these automakers, enabling ENEOS to gain invaluable knowledge and expertise in creating fluids tailored to the unique requirements of CVT transmissions across all Japanese vehicle models.

Over the years, ENEOS has maintained close research and development relationships with major Japanese automakers. This collaboration has allowed ENEOS to continuously refine and enhance our CVT fluid formulations, addressing critical performance characteristics such as fuel efficiency, acceleration, and quietness of operation.

Proprietary Technology for Specialized Performance

ENEOS CVT fluids are designed to meet and exceed the specific requirements of Japanese automakers, ensuring optimal compatibility and performance in CVT systems. Through extensive research and development efforts, ENEOS has achieved remarkable advancements in areas such as transmission torque capacity, variator shift characteristics, noise prevention, shudder prevention (both initial and long-life), viscosity temperature characteristics, and oxidation stability.

What sets ENEOS apart is our proprietary technology and patented additives, which are the result of our unique and innovative approach to CVT fluid development. These proprietary formulations are closely guarded secrets no other company can replicate, giving ENEOS products a distinct competitive edge.

Trusted OEM Solutions

For vehicle owners seeking the best possible CVT fluid solution, ENEOS offers two specialized product lines:


[Part # 3026-300]

  1. ENEOS ECO CVTF, Broad Match Fluid: This fluid meets the specifications of most CVT transmissions and provides enhanced fuel efficiency, improved accelerating performance, and reduced noise levels. It is compatible with a wide range of vehicles with CVTs.
  2. ENEOS Import CVTF, Exact Match Fluid: As a trusted factory fill supplier, ENEOS has developed exact match OE replacement fluids using the precise specifications provided by automakers. Formulated with high-quality base oils and unique additives, ENEOS Import CVT fluids ensure outstanding compatibility and performance in your specific vehicle.
ENEOS Product Import CVTF Model H

Engineered for vehicles manufactured by Honda and Acura that require Honda CVT Fluid and HCF-2.
[Part # 3072-300]

ENEOS Product Import CVTF Model N Plus

Engineered for vehicles manufactured by Nissan and Infiniti that require Nissan CVTF NS-3 fluid.
[Part # 3058-300]

ENEOS Product Import CVTF Model S

Engineered for vehicles manufactured by Subaru that require Subaru CVT II.*
[Part # 3074-300]

ENEOS Product Import CVTF Model T-FE

Engineered for vehicles manufactured by Toyota and Lexus that require Toyota FE.
[Part # 3073-300]

A Future-Focused Approach

The ENEOS commitment to innovation extends beyond our current CVT fluid offerings. With electric vehicles (EVs) gaining traction, ENEOS has already begun developing dedicated fluids for EVs, with some products already commercialized as factory fill or genuine fluids for certain automakers.

By maintaining close partnerships with Japanese automakers and staying ahead of emerging technologies, ENEOS continues to solidify our position as a leader in the development of advanced transmission fluids, ensuring that drivers can enjoy smooth, efficient, and reliable performance from their vehicles’ transmissions.

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