ENEOS Featured Shop: XIII Motorsports – Toronto, Canada

Car enthusiasts in the greater Toronto area can speak to Luke Lay at XIII Motorsports for all their ENEOS oil and performance-related needs.

Luke opened XIII in 2013, originally performing engine swaps in addition to custom fabrication work and tuning. Their portfolio has expanded to grassroots motorsports such as drag racing, circuit racing and drifting. “As we continue to grow this program, we’ll have a lot of exciting builds,” Luke predicts.

Because they’re constantly building, tuning and racing, XIII regularly relies on ENEOS lubricants for maximum protection and performance. ENEOS motor oils utilize high-quality base oil and advanced additive technology to provide optimal protection against wear under the most extreme conditions, as well as reduced friction for superior performance and fuel savings.

“We’ve learned so much about a lubricant’s ability to protect the moving parts from failure in these engines,” he added. “A quality oil needs to withstand extreme heat, pressure and temperatures, and ENEOS does that for us. It provides a quality benchmark that’s been tested and offered to our customers’ requirements, from daily driving to full-out race cars.”

Current projects include a V8-swapped FR-S, which Luke is extremely excited to work on: “This winter we’ll be installing a LS3 crate motor with custom pieces we’re fabricating in-house.” XIII is also experimenting with the Honda K-series motor, swapping it into non-Honda chassis, including the Toyota 86 and a Mazda RX-8!

Along with high-performance tuning, XIII is available to support general maintenance needs, including fluid changes, tires, alignment, and more: “If you’re in need of a quality shop to build something amazing, drop us a line!”

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