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ENEOS Releases New Packaging for Import Series Transmission Fluids, Welcomes New President

Beginning in June 2022, ENEOS USA Inc. will begin shipping ENEOS Import Series “exact match” transmission fluid in a new package. As part of a transition that started last year with new gold bottles for ENEOS Motor Oil, Gear Oil, and “broad match” transmission fluids ECO ATF PLUS and ECO CVT Fluid, the new Import Series packages will now be the same form as other ENEOS single quart packages. The Import Series package will be red for automatic transmission fluid (ATF), blue for continuously variable transmission fluid (CVTF). As dual pump fluid (DPS) is atypical, it will be in the same gold bottle as other ENEOS products.

The products contained within the new packaging, including formulations, specifications, and compatibility will remain the same. Part numbers will also stay the same.

OW 20
ENEOS gold bottle [2021]
Import ATF Red Bottle
ENEOS Import ATF bottle [NEW]
Model H Blue Bottle
ENEOS Import CVTF bottle [NEW]
DPS Fluid Bottle
ENEOS Import DPS bottle [NEW]

As with the gold bottle packaging, ENEOS Import Series package size will be 9.25” high x 2.25” wide x 4.25” long. Package weight is 1.95 PG per unit.

New case dimensions will be 9.5” high x 7.5” wide x 8.75” long, weighing 24 PG/box. Cases will contain 12 bottles.

ATF Model H 3105-300 3105-301 Honda and Acura that require Honda ATF Type Z1, DW-1
ATF Model N 3106-300 3106-301 Nissan and Infiniti that require Nissan ATF Type Matic S, K, J, D
ATF Model SP Plus 3109-300 3109-301 Hyundai and Kia that require Hyundai or Kia ATF SP-IV fluid
ATF Model T-W 3107-300 3107-301 Toyota and Lexus vehicles that require Toyota ATF Type WS |
CVTF Model H 3072-300 3072-301 Honda and Acura that require Honda CVT Type HCF-2
CVTF Model N Plus 3058-300 3058-301 Nissan and Infiniti that require Nissan CVTF NS-3
CVTF Model S 3074-300 3074-301 Subaru that require Subaru CVTF II* fluid
CVTF Model T-FE 3073-300 3073-301 Toyota and Lexus that require Toyota FE
ENEOS Import DPS 3410-300 3410-301 Honda and Acura vehicles that require Honda Dual Pump Fluid II and Acura DPSF
ENEOS USA INC Welcomes New President

ENEOS would also like to welcome new President and CEO Katsuhiro “Kaz” Nakazato to our US and Canadian operations, ENEOS USA INC. With a background working directly with Asian OEM partners, including significant time spent embedded with Toyota, he will be an asset to our US and Canadian operations.

We’d also like to thank Toshiyuki “Terry” Hasebe for his excellent leadership during the past several years and through unprecedented challenges. His passion for the company and the American scenic landscape will not be forgotten!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your ENEOS sales representative, or contact us via our webform.