ENEOS “We Love Cars” Series Eight: Subaru WRX STI

If you love turbocharged AWD platforms, we know you’re also going to dig our coverage on the Subaru WRX STI, archnemesis to the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. This installment of the ENEOS “We Love Car” series highlights another of Japan’s most tunable sports sedans, and over the next couple weeks you’ll discover its full potential when modified correctly.

The high-performance STI benefits greatly from the use of high-quality ENEOS performance lubricants because they were and continue to be developed with and used by the majority of Japan’s vehicle manufacturers, such as Subaru.

ENEOS expertise allows us to engineer high-quality performance lubricants, utilizing advanced base oil technology and additives to provide vehicles with optimal protection against wear, even under the most extreme conditions, while also reducing friction for superior performance and fuel savings. We love cars so much, we’ve dedicated ourselves to protecting them and working with the car manufacturers to ensure every car is fully protected.

If you’re new to the ENEOS “We Love Cars” series, we highlight our favorite cars for two weeks on social media, showcasing some of the world’s best modified examples, while sharing tips about buying, modifying and even restoring. We want to share how much fun you can have with each platform. Of course, we also want to see which of you have the best modified versions, and encourage you to share photos with us by posting to social media with the hashtag #ShowYourENEOS; our favorite photos receive a prize as a bonus!

ENEOS is celebrating the Subaru STI over the next two weeks and we’d like you to share photos of yours. Tag us using #ShowYourENEOS; we’ll then repost our favorites so ENEOS fans can vote for their top pick. The owner of the most popular STI receives a prize from us!


Everybody loves the sunshine, and this bright yellow, showstopping STI with its Varis widebody brings a big smile to our faces. Projects like this should be protected with ENEOS Motor Oil, designed to provide the ultimate protection and performance. Using advanced technology, ENEOS is developed in partnership with the majority of Asia’s OEMs when engineering factory-fill fluids for their vehicles.

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Victoria will no longer be secret once you’ve read how this widebody STI will take your breath away with the finest JDM parts and 580hp. As with any project, it’s crucial to use a proper synthetic motor oil designed to handle extreme conditions. ENEOS lubricants unlock superior horsepower at higher temperatures while protecting critical engine components.

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This Subaru didn’t start off as an STI but thanks to a EJ25 long-block conversion, the Impreza can easily hold its own on the streets. Extreme conversions like this should use ENEOS lubricants, engineered to keep it running strong and reliably for years to come.

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Go and show: yes, you can build an STI with equal parts performance and aesthetics. For enthusiasts equally obsessed with power, trust OEM-quality ENEOS synthetic motor oil for the best protection and performance.

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