ENEOS “We Love Cars” Series Six: Nissan 240SX

While the GT-R Godzilla is the head of the Nissan family, you can’t ignore the S-chassis as one of its most beloved platforms; perhaps a favorite uncle…

Although it only survived two generations in the States from ’89-98 as the Nissan 240SX, its JDM counterpart, the Nissan Silvia, was available for seven generations. Of these, the later S13, S14 and S15 models share most of the DNA with its American siblings.

The RWD 240SX coupe didn’t have a popular upbringing stateside, until enthusiasts discovered you could swap the original KA motor for the turbocharged SR20DET variant found in the JDM models. Oh, and drifting played a major part in catapulting the car into the spotlight.

Thanks to the interchangeability of parts with the JDM models, the 240SX is a fantastic platform to build on. Go drifting, drag racing, mild or wild, you can literally do it all with the S-chassis. And, as always, using the right performance lubricants, such ENEOS Motor Oil, can help ensure your Nissan runs strong and reliably for the duration of your ownership.

ENEOS Motor Oil is ideal for cars like the Nissan 240SX because its high-quality performance lubricants are developed with (and used by) the majority of Japan’s vehicle manufacturers, such as Nissan. ENEOS motor oils utilize high-quality base oil and advanced additive technology to provide optimal protection against wear under the most extreme conditions, as well as reduced friction for superior performance and fuel savings.


This once-neglected S13 was transformed by Patrick Kelley into a 400+whp gem with a SR20DET conversion. Projects like this should be protected with ENEOS Motor Oil, designed to provide the ultimate protection and performance. Using advanced technology, ENEOS is developed in partnership with the majority of Asia’s OEMs when creating factory-fill fluids for their cars.


Sometimes S-chassis fanatics skip the SR20DET and go for something more dynamic, like Toyota’s 2JZE-GTE Supra motor! With boosted performance, it’s crucial to use a proper synthetic motor oil designed to handle extreme conditions. ENEOS lubricants unlock superior horsepower at higher temperatures while protecting critical engine components.


No One Better: One of Japan’s most famous drifters/racers prefers his Silvia projects clean and powerful, like this JDM S15. If you’re looking to keep your project running reliably for years to come, trust in ENEOS lubricants to do the job.


Sometimes you can have the best of both worlds: This S13 was swapped with the RB26DETT from the Skyline GT-R. For enthusiasts equally obsessed with horsepower, trust in OEM-quality ENEOS synthetic motor oil for the best protection and performance.


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