ENEOS “We Love Cars” Series Three: Honda Civic

The third installment of the ENEOS “We Love Cars” series brings us to one of our all-time favorites: the Honda Civic. Over the next couple weeks, we’re highlighting this compact car on social media through some of its most popular chassis and showcasing its potential when given the right modifications.

And, of course, any Honda Civic generation benefits greatly from the use of high-quality ENEOS performance lubricants because they were and continue to be developed with and used by the majority of Japan’s vehicle manufacturers, such as Honda.

ENEOS expertise allows us to engineer high-quality performance lubricants, utilizing advanced base oil technology and additives to provide vehicles with optimal protection against wear, even under the most extreme conditions, while also reducing friction for superior performance and fuel savings. ENEOS loves cars so much, we’ve dedicated ourselves to protecting them!

If you’re new to the ENEOS “We Love Cars” series, we highlight our favorite cars for two weeks on social media, showcasing some of the world’s best modified examples, while sharing tips about buying, modifying and even restoring. We want to share how much fun you can have with each chosen platform. Of course, we also want to see which of you have the best modified versions, and encourage you to share photos with us by posting to social media with the hashtag #ShowYourENEOS; our favorite photos receive a prize as a bonus!

Here are the highlights from the Honda Civic series of “We Love Cars”:


How far would you go to build the ultimate Civic EF? All projects require dedication, but don’t forget to protect your investment with ENEOS Motor Oil, designed to provide the ultimate protection and performance.


Attention to detail is an obsession for this Honda owner. If you’re equally obsessed with maintaining your vehicle, trust in OEM-quality ENEOS synthetic motor oil for the best protection and performance.


Finding a RHD gem like this EK9 CTR is tough, and ensuring it will always run like new requires the right motor oil. ENEOS lubricants have the technology to maintain your car’s performance and to keep it running smoothly for many years to come.


More power than a C8 Corvette! This FK8 Civic Type R packs 450+whp and ENEOS lubricants unlock superior horsepower at higher temperatures while protecting critical engine components.



Donut Media brilliantly demonstrates the evolution of the Honda Civic from the CVCC to the current Type R. Own one? We encourage you to use ENEOS Motor Oil as it uses advanced technology developed in partnership with the majority of Japan’s OEMs when creating factory fill fluids for cars like the Civic.

Speed Academy takes on the task of saving a $225 Civic Coupe from the junkyard, reviving it with strategic bolt-on performance parts. What also helps is ENEOS lubricants, engineered to keep a vehicle running strong and reliably for the life of the vehicle.

Japan’s legendary Honda tuner, Spoon Sports, creates magic with the EK9 Civic Type R. For high-revving engines like the B16B, ENEOS motor oil ensures maximum protection while simultaneously delivering high-performance thanks to significantly reduced friction.

OK, we might be bending the rules here, but a Honda engine in an AE86 is a level of cool only ENEOS ambassador Dai Yoshihara can pull off! His AE86R did some shakedown testing recently at Streets of Willow and it’s finally coming together despite a few cooling issues (common with the FK8 motor). With any performance car, it’s crucial to use a proper synthetic motor oil designed to handle extreme conditions. ENEOS lubricants unlock superior horsepower at higher temperatures while protecting critical engine components.


The FK8 Civic Type R is known to generate heat, and enthusiasts know that maintaining cool temperatures and regulating heat is important. 27WON, contestants in the Super Street FF Battle series, rely on ENEOS for reliability on the track because our lubricants unlock superior horsepower at higher temperatures while protecting critical engine components. Read the 27WON blog on useful cooling upgrades: https://www.27won.com/projectcars/blog/beat-the-heat-pt1-cooling-upgrades-for-the-fk8

If you’re thinking about buying a Civic, should you look at purchasing the LX, Si or Type R? Driving Line does a deep dive into each model, outlining the benefits for different drivers.


Not long ago American enthusiasts only dreamed of owning a Civic Type R. Now that it’s here, what’s it like to drive? Get the full scoop from Motor Trend:


The EK chassis from the ’90s is one of the greatest Civic platforms, and has become increasingly more difficult to source in decent condition. But don’t let that discourage you from the hunt; use Hagerty’s Buyer’s Guide to see what makes the coupe and hatchback variants so desirable:


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