everything from oil changes to performance upgrades, including track and drift vehicles

Sonoma Raceway,
Sonoma, California




“Sometimes there can be a disconnect between passion and communication in garage shops, but at SGK, we pride ourselves in communicating with customers and creating together a plan that meets their needs. Making the customer happy makes us happy!”

Based at the legendary Sonoma Raceway in California, SGK Performance is a shop run by enthusiasts and racers with a true passion for performance. Specifically, it’s run by Formula DRIFT driver, Faruk Kugay, who is part of the ENEOS Motorsports family and the belongs to the Garage by ENEOS program.

SGK focuses on performance cars but offers everything from ENEOS oil changes to tire alignment, corner balancing and everything in between. It can provide performance upgrades for street car or will build you a full track or drift car – no request is too small or too large for this enterprise!

Operating from its 4000 sqft facility for the past two years, a visit to SGK Performance will typically reveal a diverse group of performance cars, from Evo to STI, 911 to 350Z, and everything in between. It’s even been known to work on daily drivers, such as Faruk’s Prius, ensuring it’s always running efficiently.

Exploring the workshop further you’ll encounter the Team Faruk Nissan S14 drift car as well as its E92 BMW M3 drift machine. Both were built at the premises and are constantly being worked on, tuned or prepped for the next event.

With such a tantalizing collection of customer cars in evidence, Faruk and his team are always looking forward to the challenges each day brings. And, of course, they offer top grade ENEOS lubricants to their customers for economy, high-performance street use and on-track use. And with a dyno in the shop and regular access to Sonoma Raceway, Faruk is able to attest to the performance benefits of good synthetic oil, both in terms of increased performance and extended component life.

“The wonderful thing about ENEOS is that it provides the testing and research from its work with the majority of Japan’s OEMs, while also pushing the envelope of performance with its Racing Series oils. Since we work with both street and track cars, ENEOS gives us the options we need to satisfy any of our customer builds,” Faruk said.

With a racetrack in his backyard and a dyno in the workshop, Faruk attracts customers from across California and beyond. Customers will drive or ship their cars to SGK to ensure they are in prime condition for upcoming track days, able to withstand the greater demands of high-speed corners, long straights and heavy braking.



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