stickler building

Radiator replacement, brakes and custom brake lines, suspension and tires, a/c, lube and oil, general maintenance

Wauwatosa, WI



Originally opened in 1980, Sticklers is unlike an average local auto shop. Started originally by Ray Stickler, the motto “Sticklers for Quality” has been their core principle even while long-time employees have taken the helm and continued the Sticklers legacy.

Current owner Mike Hartig has owned the shop since ‘98. He is the third proprietor, originally having started at the shop right out of high school after being recruited by a friend. Like the owner before him, Hartig kept the name due to the good reputation his business had in the community.

A few years later, he convinced his cousin, Alissa Campbell, to join the shop, originally just to fill in. She primarily runs the front end and the office, but also helps with repairs. She’s had opportunities to work elsewhere, but says she “stays for the customers.”

Hartig and Campbell say what sets them apart from other shops is their open and honest communications. They have friendly relationships with their customers, whom they consider more like family. Hartig and their mechanics like to leave the parts they replace out for customers to view when picking up their car so they can check their condition. It all just helps reinforce their relationship and their desire to provide the best service.

When it came to picking an oil supplier, Sticklers learned about ENEOS and were intrigued. It is now the only oil product they carry.

sticklers crew
“We liked what an overall good quality oil ENEOS is, and we have noticed it lasts over 5,000 miles, doesn’t evaporate or dissipate, and never seems really dirty when we pull it out,” they said. “Our goal is for customers not to need rebuilds because their engines are in such good condition because of the oil.”

Celebrating their 40th anniversary this year, who knows what the next 40 will bring? It seems Wauwatosa can expect a new generation of high quality service professionals using the highest quality products. They have since welcomed their newest mechanic, Dylan Abbot, who like Hartig is a trainee out of high school, and perhaps the future owner of Sticklers Automotive Service.


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