Four Ways to Use Product Lookup

When recommending ENEOS products for a vehicle, you want to make sure the correct product is being selected. Good news: there are now four ways to search using the ENEOS Oil Selector tool on our website, including the new VIN lookup feature.

  1. Manual Search As always, you can search for your vehicle to get product recommendations. Simply enter your Year, Make, and Model to see a list of corresponding options from which you can select.
  2. Vehicle Selection Start by selecting either Cars and SUVs or Light commercial vehicles & Pickups, then the Year, Make, Model, and vehicle Type to find the product recommendations.
  3. License Plate An easy way to search for product matches, simply enter the license plate of a vehicle to find the recommendations for the vehicle.
  4. VIN Lookup New feature! By entering the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), the exact product match will be displayed for the vehicle.
ENEOS Product Vehicle Selector

As always, the Oil Selector product search results will appear with matches for engine, transmission, and other vehicle components, with additional links to see more information about each product.

We love making it easier to support ENEOS!

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