Quality Engine and Transmission Oil Matter (Even If the Result is ONE Horsepower)!

From his 1000hp 2JZ-powered formula DRIFT S14 to his daily driver Prius, ENEOS ambassador Faruk Kugay relies on our engine and transmission lubricants for the protection and performance ENEOS products provide. Need further proof? Watch this video:

For this test, Faruk used our 0W-20 fully synthetic motor oil, which has an optimized additive blend to provide better fuel economy and extended emissions system life. The transmission received an upgrade to ECO-ATF PLUS oil, which also provides resistance to mechanical shear/fatigue. It will also help contribute to improved fuel economy thanks to lower internal friction.

Sure, it might seem funny to dyno a Prius, but we were looking for greater efficiency, which translates to improved economy – something all Prius owners want. And even though it only made 1hp more, additional benefits include a superior lubrication and decreased wear of vital engine components, resulting in the magical extra gas mileage we all want.

As you can see, every little bit helps, and ENEOS performance lubricants are designed to give even efficient vehicles improvements on many levels.

Discover why the majority of Asia’s automakers use ENEOS products when their cars leave the factory thanks to joint lubricant development between the vehicle manufacturers and ENEOS.