SEMA Show Throwback – Revisiting ENEOS Feature Vehicles

Normally this time of year we’d be reporting from the Las Vegas Convention Center, bringing you the latest news from SEMA, suffering from dehydration, backs/feet aching, and long sleepless nights preparing for the world’s largest auto aftermarket trade show. ENEOS has long been a SEMA participant, and while COVID-19 caused the physical show to take a break this year in favor of a virtual format, enthusiasts still crave that excitement only the City of Sin can deliver. While we’re sad to sit out this year, we honor the 2020 SEMA Show by taking a look back at some of our most exciting JDM feature vehicles built by some of the industry’s leading experts:

2019: Sam Du / Super Street 2020 Toyota Supra A90

Upon taking delivery of one of the first A90 Supras in the US, Super Street editor-in-chief Sam Du wasted no time making one of the finest examples of Japan’s superstar supercar. His approach was simple — perfect stance and BBS wheel fitment, slick EVS aero, all debuted at the ENEOS booth. The Supra has been used for plenty of driving adventures and gone through slight changes (with more to come), yet will always remain as one of our favorites.

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2018: Sean Shokuoh / 1998 Mazda RX-7

Now this is the stuff our JDM dreams are made of: Sean Shokouh of JDM Palace brought this pristine RHD FD RX-7 to put on display for ENEOS and is a shining example of a ‘90s icon. A former RE Amemiya demo vehicle, Sean had it shipped over from Japan to use as a track car, which was how RE Amemiya built and envisioned its purpose to be, but cleaned it up and fit it with more performance parts to make it a stunning representation of the prestigious ENEOS x Super Street feature vehicle spot.

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2018: Daniel Song / 1972 Datsun 240Z

If you haven’t noticed by now, ENEOS has a thing for clean JDM builds, and Daniel Song’s restomod Z is no exception. After trying his hand at doing the work himself, Daniel knew it had to go to the experts at JDM Legends, where they had the knowledge to complete his vision. Painstaking hours went into retaining a ‘70s vibe — the engine bay fitted with a L28 engine/triple carbs and so much hardware replaced throughout the chassis, you’d have thought it barely left the assembly line. Daniel’s Z proudly sat front and center at the main ENEOS booth for the 2018 SEMA Show.

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2017: Hertrech Eugene Jr / 1988 Mazda RX-7

If you’re gonna do the SEMA Show, you’ve got to go big, right? ENEOS went extra loud in 2017 by bringing the Twerkstallion in, normally a fire-breathing, tire-destroying internet sensation made infamous by Hoonigan and its owner Hertlife. Modeled after drifting styles made popular in Japan, its sole intention is to be driven hard, “a testament to how dope and strong the RX-7 chassis is for taking my ass whoopings all these years!” Did we set the 2017 SEMA Show on fire? You bet your ass we did.

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2016: Ginash George / 1971 Nissan Skyline GT-X

In Japan, the Nissan Hakosuka (box) Skyline reigns supreme as one of its most cherished production vehicles, and nothing represents the JDM spirit of ENEOS more than the one we proudly put on display during the 2016 SEMA Show. Owned by Ginash George from JDM Chicago, this is another JDM Legends masterpiece, a GT-X model that was upgraded with a GT-R exterior, where it was recognized by Super Street during its annual SEMA awards with Top Honors. “The reception of the Hakosuka was unbelievable,” Ginash said. “I was humbled by the reactions of those who stopped by to see it.”

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2015: Freddie Fernandez / Nissan 240SX

Everyone remembers the year of Rocket Bunny and its impact on the JDM community. The cool kids rocked Kei Miura’s aero creations, and for 2015, Freddie Fernandez from AutoFashion USA went hard to retrofit his Nissan S14 with the Boss V2 body kit, transforming into an Americana bosozoku demo vehicle, wrapped from head to toe in custom ENEOS graphics. Under the hood it rocked a supercharged LS3 motor and was easily one of the show’s hottest display cars.

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2014: Tanner Foust / VW Beetle R

OK, OK, we know what you’re thinking: this isn’t JDM! While the vehicle platform isn’t, the spirit is very Japanese — rallycross driver/drifter Tanner Foust entrusted RWB Japan’s Akira Nakai with the honors of transforming it with a custom one-off widebody kit. Unlike his usual designs for the air-cooled 911s, Nakai really had to think outside the box for this project: “It looks a little bit like a Porsche, but despite its similarities it isn’t one, so I had to create an entirely new design for it.” With the help of American car designer, Jon Sibal, the dynamic duo created a unique look that shocked everyone.

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