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What Are Functional Fluids?

According to Counterman Magazine, “Functional automotive fluids make up a broad category, with a wide range of very specialized and unique applications.” One main category of functional fluids are transmission fluids which are designed as a broad match for a large number of vehicles.

In their article “Selling Functional Fluids,” Counterman says, “Just as individual engines within an OEM’s lineup may require different viscosities and formulations of motor oil for maximum performance, transmission-fluid specifications can vary from transmission to transmission within that same product line,  With multiple vendors supplying transmissions to each OEM for different models, fluid choices also multiply.”

Functional ATF

ENEOS staff recognized the widening spectrum of fluids becoming an issue for customers and began work early in this phenomenon (about 8 years ago) to create transmission fluids that work for the majority of increasingly-complex transmission specifications emerging on the market.

As an OE supplier, ENEOS has access to vehicle specifications many lubricants manufacturers do not have. Working with R&D for Asian OEMs, ENEOS frequently helps create vehicle formulations we later supply in factory fill. As an early champion in lower viscosity fluids, we have helped create current viscosity standards in ATF, and we’re already working on future transmission technology.  This has allowed us to create both “exact match” specific use OE replacement fluids, as well as “broad match,” or “functional fluids” for both current and upcoming transmissions.

ENEOS ECO ATF PLUS is a broad match, functional fluid, meeting over 86% of automatic transmissions on US and Canadian roads. Few other, if any, current multi-vehicle fluids can say they provide multi-vehicle transmission fluids that accurately cover so many vehicle specifications.

How CVTF is Supported

CVTs are the emerging transmission technology championed by Asian vehicles. They provide a smoother shifting experience, and are installed in over 2.5 million North American vehicles as of 2018, with the number continuing to increase.

The challenge is most CVT specifications are not released. Due to the ENEOS OEM relationship, we are also able to create both specific and broad use application fluids for vehicles with CVTs that meet their specification requirements.

ENEOS ECO CVT FLUID is a functional CVT fluid meeting specifications of most CVTs As an added benefit, it is also able to improve CVT accelerating performance.

Viscosity Matters

“Any “multi-vehicle” fluid should be thoroughly researched before recommending or selling these products to your customers. Reputable fluid manufacturers will clearly state which specifications their products meet, either through a technical data sheet or spelled out on the container itself. If you’re in doubt about a particular fluid’s compatibility, recommend another fluid that clearly meets the specification, or direct your customer to the OEM for the correct fluid.” – Counterman Magazine

Transmission fluid is one of the few, TRUE low viscosity fluids your car requires, but viscosity requirements are not provided in technical data. With an OE supplier you can trust that the fluids are the required viscosity for the designed performance. Learn more about ATF viscosity and requirements

ENEOS high-quality transmission fluids not only meet or exceed vehicle specifications, including viscosity requirements, but are formulated to improve fuel economy and provide resistance to mechanical shear and fatigue, resulting in longer-lasting transmissions and performance.