Did You Know?

What is Top Tier Gasoline?

Many people have preconceived notions about gasoline and what role it plays in engine mechanics. A common belief is that “Top Tier” is just a marketing slogan with no real substance behind it. Would you be surprised to learn that Top Tier gasoline is quite different from regular fuel?


As the industry is well aware, gas stations offer regular, premium, and sometimes mid-grade options based on octane ratings, which measure fuel stability. But Top Tier certification goes beyond octane ratings. In the early 2000s, leading automakers like Toyota, Volkswagen, and BMW pushed for higher detergent formulations to better protect engines.

Top Tier gasoline includes key additives and detergents that clean the fuel delivery system and combustion chambers. This aids in preventing deterioration, carbon deposits, and oxidation, which reduces engine performance and lifespan. Top Tier formulations also provide added protection for emissions equipment.


While Top Tier gasoline comes at a slightly higher price, usually just 3 cents per gallon more according to AAA, it is well worth the cost compared to potential maintenance and repair expenses down the line. AAA’s 2016 study revealed the significant impact detergent additives have on gasoline quality, with non-Top Tier gasoline causing 19 times more engine deposits than Top Tier brands after just 4,000 simulated driving miles.

As John Nielsen, AAA’s Director of Automotive Engineering and Repair, stated, “As advertised, tested Top Tier gasolines kept engines remarkably cleaner than other fuels we tested.”


With escalating vehicle costs and maintenance expenses, it’s a great time to educate consumers on how using a Top Tier gasoline can positively impact their vehicle’s health and longevity. Just as choosing quality fluids and oils is important, choosing a top quality gasoline like those meeting Top Tier standards can save money in the long run.

ENEOS OEM Partnerships

With our approach tailored to each manufacturer, ENEOS partnerships begin with an invitation from an automotive manufacturer to develop vehicle-specific lubricants.

ENEOS provides:

  • In-house testing facilities that follow strategies developed with each OEM partner to meet its ideal oil specifications
  • Factory fill and/or service fill lubricants are supplied to the majority of vehicle manufacturers throughout Asia

ENEOS engine and transmission oils are designed to anticipate future requirements beyond current domestic standards. The result of our development helps to ensure vehicles leave the factory with the highest possible specification in terms of fuel economy, emissions, performance and durability. And ENEOS can provide the same standard of lubrication to help ensure peak performance throughout the vehicle’s life.

Use top-tier products like ENEOS along with Top Tier gasoline for best results.