Broad Match Fluid


Asian transmission specifications are not released. Due to the ENEOS OEM relationship as a developer and supplier for factory fill, we are able to create both specific and broad use application fluids that meet their specification requirements. 

ENEOS ECO ATF FLUID is a broad match, true low viscosity  automatic transmission fluid meeting specifications of most automatic transmissions in the market–not just Asian vehicles.

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What Are Broad Match Fluids?

In their article “Selling Functional Fluids,” Counterman Magazine says, “Functional automotive fluids make up a broad category, with a wide range of very specialized and unique applications. One main category of functional fluids are transmission fluids, which are designed as a broad match for a large number of vehicles…. Just as individual engines within and OEM’s lineup may require different viscosities and formulations of motor oil for maximum performance, transmission fluid specification can vary from transmission to transmission within that same product line, with multiple vendors supplying transmissions to each OEM for different models, fluid choices also multiply.” 

ENEOS recognized the widening spectrum of fluids becoming an issue for customers and began work early in this phenomenon to create transmission fluids that work for the majority of increasingly-complex transmission specifications emerging on the market. ENEOS likes to call these ‘broad match’ fluids, since they work with a large number of vehicles. 

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ENEOS is the largest oil company in Japan, as the “original JDM oil” we’ve been working in partnership with Asian automakers for decades. As part of this partnership, ENEOS has in-house testing facilities where we follow strategies developed with each OEM partner to meet their vehicle and performance specifications, particularly for the tighter tolerances of Asian engines that are now being seen more in European and domestic vehicles.

We like to say our obsession with quality and innovation is more than just a statement—it’s why we’ve been trusted by OEMs for almost half a century.

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