Garage One Year Anniversary

It’s been a year since we’ve launched the Garage dealer portal, and we wanted to  commemorate the milestone, as well as thank all of you for your participation in the Garage dealer program by ENEOS. Here are a few achievements worth noting:

  • We’ve increased the number of dealers by over 20%
    Although we have hundreds of locations on our map for customers who want to find ENEOS products, we’ve added a significant amount of new ENEOS dealers during the inaugural year, many with multiple locations, using the easy sign-up feature on the Garage portal.

    • More locations means more searches (50% more than the previous year). The more qualified ENEOS dealers listed on our site, the more customers will search and find dealer locations. Register now
  • We’ve provided a wide variety of distributors for dealers
    When dealers express interest in stocking or getting in contact with dealers, we’ve made it easier than ever. Hundreds of you have viewed our distributor list since it was launched. View distributors
  • Over a dozen original educational pieces
    In our Technology section, dealers will find a wide variety of original pieces from experts at ENEOS related to important issues in the automotive industry addressed by our products and engineering, such as how CVT components work, the background behind oil viscosity, and the importance of base oil.
  • Dozens of promotions and training sessions
    Via our distributors, Garage dealer program by ENEOS has provided special training webinars, product and participation promotions across the US and Canada during 2021. We gave away gift cards to participants of our trivia contest, along with two model RC cars and several high-end ENEOS signs. Contact your preferred distributor for info about ENEOS promotions and training and keep watching the portal and our newsletters for promotional announcements during the upcoming year. Sign up for our newsletters
  • Focus on ENEOS Dealers
    In the past year, we’ve featured ENEOS dealers in profiles on our websites and social media. We’re delighted to call attention to those of you who are passionate about our products, and in the next year, we want to increase our effort of sending ENEOS buyers to our dealers through advertising, social posts, and other campaigns. Inquire with your ENEOS or distributor sales rep, email us at, or use the tag #ShowYourENEOS on social media to be featured.
Here are some of the Garage benefits members have mentioned to us:

“Receive a POP display welcome kit (for new members only).”

“Cool swag and have my shop listed as a seller of your fine products.”

“Special offers, training, and updates.”

“Learning new things, including that ATF viscosity for your vehicle is important.”

New program components for 2021/2022

We’re in the process of planning and producing for the upcoming year. We’ll continue to run promotions and training, as well as create new educational pieces and advertising campaigns, some of which we hope will send customers directly to your shop.

Are there benefits or information you’d like to see from ENEOS in the Garage program? Features you’re enjoying? We love to hear from you! Contact us