Faruk Kugay is a bit different from some of our motorsports partners. In addition to owning a share of SGK Performance, a shop and race team based at the Sonoma Raceway in northern California, he also manages Sonoma Drift at Sonoma Raceway, where enthusiasts can drive on three courses throughout the year.

How to Read Viscosity Ratings

Most of us don’t give a lot of thought to the viscosity rating of vehicle lubricants beyond whether they match the manufacturer specification of the vehicle, but knowing the history and origin of the rating can provide benefits when choosing and recommending lubricant products.

stickler building

Featured Shop: Sticklers

Originally opened in 1980, Sticklers is unlike an average local auto shop. Started originally by Ray Stickler, the motto “Sticklers for Quality” has been their core principle even while long-time employees have taken the helm and continued the Sticklers legacy.


Featured Shop: SGK Performance

Specialties: everything from oil changes to performance upgrades, including track and drift vehicles Location: Sonoma Raceway, Sonoma, California Website: sgkperformance.com service@sgkperformance.com707-931-1341www.facebook.com/sgkperformance@sgkperformance “Sometimes there can be a disconnect between passion and communication in garage shops, but at SGK, we pride ourselves in communicating with customers and creating together a plan that meets their needs. Making the…


New Cataloging System

ENEOS – a division of JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy, announces a new partnership with Olyslager to identify product matches and provide catalog data to ENEOS customers. The partnership uses information obtained directly from over 2,400 OEMs, helping ensure the right fit of ENEOS products with your vehicle.

What is a CVT?

A CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) is a type of automatic transmission newer to passenger vehicles. It uses two pulleys connected by a steel belt or chain, with the diameter of one of the pulleys continually adjusting as needed to provide an optimal gear ratio to transfer power to the car’s tires.